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The Eyes of Sarah Nelson

You are now entering my own personal hell. Keep hands and feet inside the car.

25 August 1982
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alcohol, alla pugacheva, althea flynt, american international pictures, angie, anti-ageism, anti-gentrification, anti-yuppie, aqua teen hunger force, bad taste, baking, beer, being italian, betsey johnson, black leather, blues, bold and the beautiful, boston legal, calvin and hobbes, cameos, carmen jones, cheesy movies, chilling, chinese films, christmas, clerks, clerks ii, cookbooks, cooking, dancing, daria, delroy lindo, desperate housewives, dirty sexy money, dr. phil, drawing, drinking, eva longoria, exercising, family guy, fiction, fishnets, freaks and geeks, french films, futurama, george clooney, graphic design, graphic novels, greek films, hair metal, hair styling, hard rock, heavy metal, hong kong films, house, house of 1000 corpses, idris elba, iron chef, iron chef america, italian films, jamie lynn spears, japanese films, jerry springer show, joan didion, joey lauren adams, john waters, judge judy, julianne moore, kevin smith, king of the hill, krista allen, kristin chenoweth, kylie minogue, lace, las vegas, lindsay lohan, lindsay price, lipstick jungle, loretta devine, mad tv, makeup, martin, maury, meagan good, metalocalypse, michelle stafford, miley cyrus, miller high life, mischa barton, models, mst3k, murderface, nail art, nanny 911, nicole kidman, nonfiction, old school hip-hop, palin, paris hilton, partying, pencil skirts, pink, pink fishnets, pink lace, pink velvet, polyamory, private practice, r&b, regina king, rita hayworth, rob zombie, rock, rosario dawson, royal pains, russ meyer, russian films, saturday night live, scott caan, sewing, sex, sheri moon zombie, shopping, sicilian, sid haig, siouxsie and the banshees, soul, south park, squidbillies, summer, supernanny, the devil's rejects, the drinky crow show, the muppets, the oblongs, the runaways, the simpsons, vinny testaverde, vintage lifestyle, weight lifting, wife swap, wine, young and the restless